Regarder la guerre en face – Voir au-delà. Reims 2017


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Proceedings of the conference held by our Association, in Reims, in 2017, to commemorate the centenary of the Great War 1914/18.

The 1914-1918 war was a global shock. This destructive chaos is paradoxically at the origin of the development of the prospective and prophetic vision of the phenomenon of evolution of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
On the occasion of the centenary of this event, the Association of Friends of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin organized an international conference in Reims.
Collapse and generation, such is the regenerating thought of Teilhard who perceives in the upheavals of this time, with what they have of frightening and worrying, the pains of a world in genesis. The visit to Reims in 2017, 100 years later, was an opportunity to pay homage to the great Jesuit and was an important memorial act. Reims is indeed emblematic, with Verdun, of Franco-German reconciliation, during the joint visit of Chancellor Adenauer and General de Gaulle, on July 8, 1962, announcing the signing of a treaty of friendship (Treaty of Élysée), the following year.
At the heart of groping evolution, the problematic of change, torn between the forces of creative union and the forces of disunity, is permanent.
The expression of the thought of Teilhard’s evolution and its consequences on the perception of the future, with the anchoring on the couple conflict-cooperation, the constancy of the war but also the geopolitical hopes of convergence in the Noosphere, have been developed at length in several conferences. Putting the events and conflicts of this Great War into perspective shows how Teilhard understood the mechanisms at work in this long struggle, still current, of the forces of union and disunity.

Guillermo Agudelo, Jacques Arnould, Marie Bayon de La Tour, JeanFrançois Boulanger, Gérard Donnadieu, Kathleen Duffy, François Euvé, Hilaire Giron, Elrick Irastorza, Paula Kasparian, Ursula King, Valerian Mendonca, GianLuigi Nicola, Philippe Quéau, Georges Ordonnaud, JeanFrançois Petit, Mercè Prats, Oliver Schulz and Erwin Vilain.

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