Colloquium of our Association

“Thinking fraternity today with Teilhard”.


The year 2023 was marked by the centenary of the “Mass on the World”, written by Teilhard in 1923 in the desert of Ordos. The trip to New York punctuated 2023 with this tribute. No colloquium had yet been organized, so this year we’ve got two exceptional days in store for you!

“Penser la fraternité aujourd’hui avec Teilhard”: a renewed reading of the Phénomène Humain.

Dominique Delalande will chair the session, and Father Etienne Grieu sj will open the symposium.




The lectures will begin with Marie Bayon de La Tour, Paul Malphettes and Dominique Lambert, authors of the book “Le Phénomène Humain, genèse d’une publication hors normes”.

The first day will end with a fraternity drink.





Mark your calendars!

The symposium takes place at the Centre Sèvres over two days, March 15 and 16.

We look forward to seeing you from 9am on Friday March 15, when we will be delighted to welcome some exceptional speakers:

P. Étienne Grieu sj: theologian, rector of the Centre Sèvres
Marie Bayon de La Tour: vice-president of the Association des Amis de Teilhard
Paul Malphettes: author and researcher (correspondence with Père Teilhard)
Dominique Lambert: philosopher of science – University of Namur
P. François Euvé sj: theologian and writer, scienLfique de formaLon
P. Thierry Magnin: physicist and theologian, Catholic University of Lille
P. Manuel Grandin sj: Teilhard de Chardin Center, Saclay, France
P. Bernard Devert: founding president of the Habitat et Humanisme movement
Mgr Laurent Ulrich: philosopher and theologian, Archbishop of Paris
P. Andréas Lind sj: philosopher – University of Namur and Gregorian University
Philippe Gagnon: teacher-researcher – “Sciences, technosciences and faith
Pascale Blua: doctoral researcher at Domuni Universitas
Thomas Antoine: philosopher and diplomat
P. Pascal Ide: philosopher, theologian, lecturer at Collège des Bernardins
Marie-Gabrielle Lemaire: theologian, philosopher – University of Namur


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