Meetings with Teilhard at the Centre Sèvres

In our last newsletter of 2023, we told you about the meetings organized by the Association with the help of Claire Cachera around Teilhard’s thought. Various topics were addressed, to evoke the great moments of Teilhard’s life, tell his life story, explain his thought.

In 2023 :

October 7: Why Teilhard today? Going to heaven through the world.
November 18: In the face of evil. Seeing beyond.
November 25: 23 years of exile in China. The Human Phenomenon.
December 2: The world was his laboratory. A tireless researcher.
December 9: A la carte program. Developments and in-depth discussions at the request of participants.


In 2024, meet Philippe Durandin, Marie Bayon de la Tour and Dominique Delalande at Centre Sèvres, 35bis rue de Sèvres, Paris. The Teilhard meetings take place on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon, and are the last to be held:

January 27: “The Church and Original Sin” with François Euvé, who honors us with a talk on the subject.

March 2: “Reflections on happiness”.

March 9: A la carte program at the request of participants.


The February 3 event is cancelled.


-> Admission is free, so don’t hesitate to bring a friend, and spread the word! We’re delighted to see more and more of you, and to share Teilhard with you.


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