NEW-YORK 2023 :

the first 100 Years of the Mass on the World.

In Teilhard’s steps.


The Association of the Friends of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in collaboration with the American Teilhard Association is organizing in 2023 an exceptional trip to New York in the footsteps of Teilhard de Chardin from October 16 to 22n 2023, come and celebrate the Mass on the World and commemorate the Memory of this man who still brings us together.


All necessary information is described below. But I would first like to share with you  the words our President, Philippe Durandin, would like to address to you.

New York 2023 Program:

The trip:

  • Oct 16: Air-France flight Paris Roissy – New York JFK, departure at 8:30 am.
  • Oct 16-19: New York: lectures and visits “in the footsteps of Teilhard”.
  • Oct 19-22: Poughkeepsie (80 miles from NY): lectures on the theme of the Mass on the World and ceremony at Teilhard’s grave.
  • Oct 22: Return flight Air-France New-York JFK – Paris Roissy, take-off at 23h55 (arrival at Roissy on Monday 23 in the morning).



  •  In New York: Marriott Hotel – Le Marquis in the heart of Manhattan, close to the places frequented by Teilhard that we will visit. Good level of comfort and conference room on site.
  •  In Poughkeepsie: Focolare Center near the Jesuit cemetery, with a conference room on site.



  •  Passport valid for at least 6 months after the date of departure from the United States. ESTA form (application for authorization to travel to the United States):
  •  Complete vaccination schedule.



  •  Cost of the trip and the stay: about 3.200 € per person for 50 participants with double room accommodation:

– In case we would not reach 50 participants, which seems unlikely given the enthusiasm of the first announcement, the final cost would be around 3.700€.

– For a single room, there will be a 20% increase in the cost compared to the double room rate.

  •  Payment: Deposit of 30% at registration, i.e. 960 €. Second deposit of 30% on 15/03. Balance on September 15 calculated according to the exact number of participants and taking into account three adjustment variables that may affect the final cost: the rate of the dollar, the cost of kerosene, and airport taxes.



A detailed program will be sent to any person wishing to participate in this event.


The voyage was negotiated by Ictus, both with Air France and the Marriott-Le Marquis, on the basis of 50 participants. Thank you for answering us as soon as possible in order to know the exact number of participants, by indicating the e-mail address on which you want us to send you future information as well as the telephone number on which we can reach you. The speed of your answers will allow us to freeze the plane and hotel reservations as well as the rates.