Letter from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to his cousin Marguerite dated August 7, 1927(Lettres de voyage, FM p. 151)

 » … I perceive more distinctly how my interior life is definitely dominated by these two twin mountains : an unlimited faith in our Lord, animator of the World, and an unconfusible faith in the world (especially human) animated by God. Opportune and importunate, as Saint Paul says, I feel resolved to declare myself  » believer  » in the future of the World in spite of appearances, in spite of a false orthodoxy that confuses progress and materialism, change and liberalism, human perfection and naturalism

I have no other ambition than to leave behind me the trace of a logical life, all stretched towards the great hopes of the World. This is the future of human religious life. I’m as sure of that as I am of my existence. « 



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