Update: trip to New York 2023

The New York 2023 project, commemorating the centenary of La Messe sur La Monde, is well underway.
Below you’ll find the latest details on the program and organization, as well as the necessary contacts to register or obtain further information.

Important information about travel to New York:

– ESTA is MANDATORY: https://www.service-public.fr/particuliers/vosdroits/R1211
– The vaccination pass is no longer compulsory, so you can travel to the U.S. without having completed your Covid vaccination schedule.


Today, we need your help!
As you may know, five religious brothers would like to come to New York. The purpose of this exceptional trip is to celebrate the Mass on the World and the commemoration of the man who unites us today, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. In order to satisfy their wish to participate, we are opening a fund to finance all or part of the cost of this trip. Click here to read their testimonials: https://amis-de-teilhard.org/voyage-a-new-york-cagnotte-participative/

Useful links to prepare your trip for New-York :

– FULL information on the ICTUS travel agency website
– E-mail address of Dominique Delalande, the association’s general secretary: click -> delalande.dominique@orange.fr


The American association ATA is also part of this fabulous project, and you can read their article on the subject.