A colloquium
The modernist crisis – History, philosophy, theology. 

Modernism remains an important object of study, both in France and abroad. If the work ofEmile Poulat (cf History, dogma and criticism in the modernist crisis, Albin Michel, 1962) are still authoritative, the approaches are renewed (G. Losito, La crisi modernista nella cultura europea [Proceedings of the Congress of Rome, 21-22 April 2005], Instituto della Enciclopedia italiana, 2005; Modernism, Mysticism, Mysticism, H. Champion, 2017).

The publication of writings by Pierre Colin, the former dean of the faculty of philosophy at the Institut Catholique de Paris, under the title Morale et religion au temps de la crise moderniste (UCL, 2017 ) sheds new light on modernism. The subject is far from being closed, both in its historical dimension and in its effectiveness for philosophy and theology. The colloquium will attempt to identify some of the basic issues at stake for the intelligibility of belief