A conference-debate:
Brief Apology for a Catholic Moment
withJean-Luc Marion of the Académie française, presented and moderated by Olivier Moulin-Roussel, Honorary President of the Espace Georges Bernanos and Christine Archambault, President of the FFNE. The debate is placed under the direction of Father Thierry de l’Epine.

What is happening to us? What happens when one of the most renowned philosophers invites himself into the public arena and invites us to follow him, to announce, under the pressure of events, the very probable advent of a new Catholic moment? His apology, which had precedents in Justin and Chateaubriand, we feel in its brevity as a cry and a call, a cry of the heart and a fraternal call. Jean-Luc Marion, philosopher attached to the reality of the facts, even if it is veiled. Fine commentator of Descartes from whom he departs by transcending the Cogito in his “Phénomène érotique” into “I love, therefore I am”. He was a teacher in Chicago and professor emeritus at the Sorbonne, co-founder of the journal Communio in the spirit of Ratzinger and Balthazar, successor at the Academy of Cardinal Lustiger whom he was close to and praised, distinguished by the Papacy in the Order of St. Gregory the Great for services to the Church. A church in development and whose decline in France could be only deceptive. Who is going to judge the true believers from one time to another, once the conformists as usual are removed? A Church that is reforming with great strides in the hand of a resolute pastor, inspirer of an integral and saving ecology. With its communities firmly rooted in love and communion, strong in their separation from the State, dedicated in essence to the common good and the universal. The great debates are in the era of time. Ours would not be superfluous. A real event, for the 10th anniversary of our meetings on earth and man