Dear friend member,

           Let’s start with a great news: the store has just been put on line on our site ! We hope thus to be able to carry the thought of Pierre Teilhard far in province and abroad…
            This store works like all other shops. For each document, you will be able to understand its content in a few lines, visualize its cover (for some, also the summary and the back cover) and know the presentation, the publisher and the number of pages. You will then only need to click on ” add to my cart “. Shipping costs will then be added according to the weight of the chosen documents and you will only have to pay by credit card ; the purchase is totally secured by the Credit Mutuel. You will then receive your order by mail.
            Please note that as we are not a bookstore and we do not have stocks, we can not guarantee a fast delivery in 24 hours as other well known sales sites! Please be patient and know that we are doing our best to shorten the delivery time.
            For the moment, this store has five headings: the reviews Teilhard Aujourd’hui (from the last number, the 56 until the n°38 of June 2011),  the various documents,  the files of the Père Noir,  the acts of the colloquiums (since 2008 + 2005) and some books. But this is temporary because we are looking for a more functional solution for magazines and books.
            One last comment. You will find in this store only the part ” sale of books and documents “, the online membership should follow very soon, as well as the registration to events…  

            I would like to take advantage of this letter to inform you of the publication of a third document in our collection ” Studies and Testimonies “. It is an essay of about fifty pages realized by Richard PAZDEJ – animator of the reading group of Metz – which presents the result of his bibliographical research on the reception of the thought of Teilhard by the various popes, until the current time : ” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in the thought of the different pontificates “. We thought it would be interesting to publish this document on the occasion of the colloquium of March 18 and 19, organized by the Catholic Academy, which will take place this weekend at the Centre Sèvres, and which has as its theme ” Teilhard and his opponents “. You will find this document for sale at this conference and at the GA on April 9 but if you don’t travel to Paris for these two events, you can order it now in our store.   

            I conclude by sending you the beautiful text attached to the February message from Teilhard World. It is the conference given by Father Pierre LEROY sj at the time of the creation of the Center for Teilhard Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., in 1987, in which he describes the intimacy between himself and Pierre Teilhard, at the same time as he gives us a precious insight into his vision. (click here to read the text)

Be assured, dear friend, of my most cordial thoughts.

Chantal AMOUROUX, General Secretary