A research seminar on the epistemology of Teilhard de Chardin, led by Gérard Donnadieu ( Engineer of Arts et Métiers, doctor of physical sciences, master’s degree and doctoral habilitation in theology and Honorary President of our Association) and Jacques Printz ( Professor Emeritus of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (Chair of Software Engineering)

The seminar is intended for teachers, researchers and doctoral students.

For more information, contact Jacques PRINTZ : printz.conseil@wanadoo.fr or Gérard Donnadieu : gerard.donnadieu@wanadoo.fr  

Teilhard and Newman address, each in their own way, the problem of “how to believe” that their contemporaries were asking themselves, faced with two upheavals: the theory of evolution, on the one hand, with Darwin, and the new physics, on the other hand, which emerges with the discovery of atoms, with scientists like Boltzmann, Planck, Einstein, the Curies, Bohr, de Broglie, Heisenberg, … Teilhard will find there the inspiration for a new vision which he will explain in his work, The human phenomenon. He drew from these two upheavals new concepts and new terminology, new analogies, which he adapted to translate his answer to the “how to believe” into terms understandable by his contemporaries concerned with the evolution of their environment for whom neo-Tomism was no longer a relevant answer. These concepts have not ceased to evolve and to become more precise, others have appeared, better able to make the Teilhardian discourse easier to understand. Today we live in a globalized world, a world of “open systems” and socio-cultural models, of information and omnipresent computer science, of complexity, where it is indispensable to “synthesize the different disciplines and branches of knowledge” as it is said in Gaudium et Spes, 61. The encyclical letter Laudato Si is the Christian answer to the fundamental questioning of our time, which we can say, without forcing the line, that it is in a Teilhardian logic. Teilhard’s noosphere has become a reality that we must urgently integrate into a renewed vision to better interact in this new world that is emerging, sometimes in pain and fear …