We learn of the death of Henri Madelin s.j., today, Wednesday, April 8, victim of Covid-19. He was provincial of the Jesuits, Editor-in-Chief of ETUDES, chaplain at the MCC, but was also an ardent promoter of thehe thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  In his memory, we choose to send you this extract of letter that he had  chosen to present Pierre Teilhard in the conference, What does the name of Teilhard evoke today? that he had given at the conference of Paris, preparatory to that of Cairo – 2002: Teilhard in Egypt.

How weak and helpless I feel at this moment ! But as I said to you,  in my previous letter, is it not one of the most cherished principles of Christianity, that God is pleased to act through us the more we are aware of our powerlessness ?… Now that the veil of my persona tends to become more tenuous (because I feel so helpless), I trust that God will somehow take over. 

Doesn’t the world tend to become one, so fast, at this moment, that some differences are fading between countries ? Actually, at times, I don’t really see the difference between being in Paris or New York anymore. The main thing is to live in the direction where everything converges (and where as a result ” God ” rises) forward. ”        Accomplir l’homme, Grasset, 1968, p. 127-128


Let us pray for Henri Madelin by rereading these words so important for Pierre Teilhard de Chardin  (Le Milieu divin, pp.95-96) :   ” The more the future opens up before me like a dizzying crevice or a dark passage, the more, if I venture into it on your word, I can trust that I will lose myself or sink into You, that I will be assimilated by your Body, Jesus. [It is not enough that I die while taking communion. Teach me to take communion when I die. “


We also suggest that you reread some essential texts written by Henri Madelin :
 The crises seen by Father Teilhard. – text published in January 2009 on the forum of LA CROIX about the crisis that shook the world in 2008.  You will see a strong resemblance with the one we are undergoing now … 

The Mass on the world  of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

A commentary on this magnificent text by Teilhard written in November 2003, but so essential in this Easter period. 

Life, path or dead end

an article published in LA VIE, in January 2003


What does the name Teilhard evoke today ?

 –  the full text of the lecture given at the Paris conference – 2002 

The future of humanity


– an article published in ETUDES, when Henri Madelin was its Editor-in-Chief