A conference by Jean-Michel Maldamé, Dominican philosopher and theologian,  organized by the Teilhard de Chardin reading group of Troyes: “Do the forces of evil exist? in what forms?Faced with evil and suffering, what are the points of reference? what fight?”

In the monotheistic tradition (Jewish, Christian and Muslim) evil is personalized under various names. Is this personalization based on myths?

Does the modern scientific vision of the world bring us some clues to the mystery of evil ? Are not death and suffering inherent to every living being? Is this a consequence of evolution? Human freedom, concomitant with the appearance of consciousness, sometimes leads man to harmful or deliberately evil ways.

By sharing his reflections with us, Jean-Michel Maldamé, a theologian with a scientific background, will help us to better understand these aspects that touch us at the deepest level.