Hello dear friends, members of our Association,

I have been asked to send you a message from Jacques MASUREL, Editor-in-Chief of our magazine, and Hilaire GIRON, Director of the magazine.

Many of you are subscribers to and we thank you for your loyalty, which is essential to its maintenance. We also know that you appreciate its new formula NOOSPHERE of which you have just received the third issue. Link to its contents

We come to you today to ask for your help because filling a magazine of  80/100 pages each quarter is sometimes a real challenge… You already know that you can submit articles to the Editorial Committee, but did you know that you can also submit texts for the two sections that are “the Teilhard Page” and “Reviews”

For all three types of documents, you must follow editorial guidelines-
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Please send your texts to these two addresses mail simultaneously jf.masurel@gmail.com and

We thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts on Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s thought and its relevance to today’s world.

Very cordially.

Chantal AMOUROUX – General Secretary