Dear friends, sympathizers of the thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, S.J,

         The sculptures of Teilhard realized by his grand-niece Marie Bayon de La Tour and by Malvina Hoffman, his manuscripts, his typewriter, his notebooks, the stones and fossils that he collected during his life… all these objects are shared with us.
But when an art photographer looks at them, they acquire a real cosmic dimension andthe Spirit is revealed in the transparency of Matter. 

and the Spirit is then revealed in the transparency of the Matter.



, photograph
e d’art, invites us to this journey. She proposes to produce a book with a photographic interpretation of these objects that are dear to us. It will be accom with quotations and extracts from Teilhard’s textsHenri de LUMLEY, Director of the Institute of Human Paleontology and President of the Teilhard Foundation, will preface the book.    

Follow this link

to d

ollow the link to discover some of these photographs and thus initiate this unpublished journey into the intimacy of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.  



         But we will not be able to conductWe can only complete this original art project with your help. We therefore propose this subscription – click here – and we hope that many of you will respond.

       Thank you for your welcome. Very cordially. 
Claire ARTÉMYZ, art photographer
Marie BAYON de LA TOUR, sculptor
Chantal AMOUROUX, General Secretary of the Association of Friends of P TdC