I – The Eternal Feminine.

This essay was written in March 1918 while Father Teilhard de Chardin was in Varzy in the Marne. He could not ignore such a fundamental energy as Love in the broadest sense of the word, from the attraction of atoms to Love for God, and including Human Love.

II – Promised Land

This essay excerpt was written in February 1919 – “…to make clear what remains of the war effort … and to show that it is the awareness we have gained, for a moment, of the spiritual force included in the Union …

… Among the banalities of the existence become dull again, and the contradictions of a Society returned to its crumbling, I will take again patiently the common occupations, illuminated of what I saw during the brief moments when, for a great Cause, we felt united, by the very bottom of the Life, millions together.

I will go into the future stronger in my double faith as a man and a Christian…
For I have seen it from the mountain top, the Promised Land.”