We propose here three extracts from Volume XIII. “Matter and Spirit” dated October 1950, “The Religion of Tomorrow” dated 1955 and “The Mass on the World” dated 1923.

I – Matter and Spirit

Two short excerpts from the first part of “The Heart of Matter” in which Teilhard de Chardin explains how he moved from a static dualistic vision of the Universe to a vision of directed evolution. “… I was led to operate a real head-turning in my fundamental pursuit of consistency…” and how the concept of Noosphere “… Matter matrix of the Spirit. The Spirit, superior state of the Matter…” imposed itself to him.

II – The Religion of Tomorrow

This text is the conclusion of the essay “Le Christique” written in New York in March 1955 shortly before the death of Father Teilhard de Chardin (Easter 1955)

III- The Mass on the World

Until his death, Father Teilhard de Chardin will live his Mass on the World. This is the definitive edition written in the Ordos in China in 1923. The first form of La Messe sur le Monde, then entitled Le Prêtre, was written in July 1918, in the forest of Laigue. (t. XII of the works).