An idea that came to me, for some time now, about the Will of God: have you thought that It is somehow materialized, or even embodied, in the depths of us, through time (or duration, as Bergson would say), the time that drives us and that gives us rhythm, the time that passes too quickly or too slowly, the time that mercilessly separates us from a desired date, or makes the meeting hours pass too quickly; the time that opposes to us to realize in a blink of an eye the dreamed improvements in us and around us; the time that makes us grow old… It is God’s creative action that is at the source of this fundamental and universal determinism: let us recognize it and love it. […]

Farewell. Yes, don’t let yourself be disconcerted by the ” minuscule worries ” that encumber you and, often without a doubt, overwhelm or disorient you. This power of small things to influence our lives is not an illusion. And then, as you say, it does not prevent you from doing useful work. […] As far as personal work is concerned, try to patiently nurture a few cherished ideas, which will end up, you’ll see, standing out, all ripe. May NS bless you.
Good to you.