Dear friends, members of our Association,

     The date of our annual conference is fast approaching, as we are now 9 days away from it. I remind you that it will take place on December 2 and 3, at the Catholic University of Lyon. Its theme, very spiritual this year, will allow us to dialogue with Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, but also with Charles de Foucauld, on the theme so central for Christians of the Eucharist. An exhibition of photographs, as well as two sculptures by Marie Bayon de La Tour, is planned for the whole month of December in the rotunda of the Saint-Paul campus; organized by our friend Jean-Marie Mermaz, member of the Lyon Association on the theme “Men and Deserts”, it will allow us to travel with our eyes in the footsteps of these two great Christian awakeners. I remind you here the links to
program and postal registration form
and to the
digital registration form
our website. Don’t hesitate to join us in this new Saint-Paul campus, which, like the previous one, is located near the Perrache train station. 

     I would also like to remind you that our site is still growing. The tab
allows you to find the list of all the events taking place in France, as well as all the necessary practical information; the tab Teilhard-World is enriched each month with a text translated into French, English and Spanish (see opposite, the titles of the texts proposed since four months and the direct links to download them) The website, which allows you to deepen your understanding of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s thought News are also regularly posted and the store allows you to buy online books, various documents, study files, as well as our quarterly magazine…

     I will end this private email by announcing the death of Father Jacques De Ridder, on October 15, 2016, in Brussels, in his 93rd year. We will pay tribute to his long and effective presence at our side in our next magazine Teilhard Today, but I urge you to read today the homily Philippe De Dorlodot, in which the importance of the thought of our great Jesuit for Father Jacques De Ridder can be seen without any ambiguity.

Please accept my warmest regards.

Chantal AMOUROUX – General Secretary

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