Dear fellow members, 

     This email is to remind you that our AGM is approaching as we will be meeting Saturday, May 13, 2017, at ” Bon Conseil – 6, rue Albert de Lapparent – 75007 PARIS, for a meeting of the sympathizers in the morning, a lunch at noon, the General Assembly in the afternoon and a conference open to the general public will end this beautiful Teilhardian day. 


  • 9 h / 11h45 : Meeting of the sympathizers of the thought of P. Teilhard
      around Philippe DURANDIN, Hilaire GIRON, Jacqueline BARTHES,  Eric de COLOMBY and Georges ORDONNAUD : “The Teilhard France Network, tomorrow ?  Reception from 8: 45 a.m. 
    Please send an email to our president at the following address: in order to confirm their presence and to receive the working document to consult before the meeting.


  • 12 h  / 13h45 – Lunch together at
    Bistro de Gaspard  – 35 avenue Duquesne – Paris VII –  Reservation required – Follow this link for the registration form  

  • 2:00 pm / 4:15 pm – General Assembly
    – Reception from 1:45 pm
    Presentation, discussion and approval of the Activity Report, Financial Report and Orientation Report.

  • 4:30 pm / 6 pm –

    Conference by Father Jean-François MEURIOT
    – priest of the Foreign Missions posted in Indonesia. He will present, “The Fundamentals of Islam – Some Benchmarks for Understanding Current Events.”   and we can exchange with him about his experience as a Catholic priest in Muslim countries. 

See you soon – Very cordially 

Chantal AMOUROUX and Mathilde HALLYNCK