John of the Cross, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Silouane of Athos, Maurice Zundel. In her latest book, Charlotte Jousseaume brings together four men who “lived prayer in their flesh”. Four mystics to enrich one’s inner life!

What do they have in common?“They are great listeners.“After “Le Silence est ma joie” (ed. Albin Michel, 2010), where Charlotte JOUSSEAUME delivered her spiritual experience as a woman, the writer wanted to look at “male prayer”. And it is men of silence that she has chosen.

I wanted to enter with them in the intimacy of a strong moment of their life

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin,  the Jesuit who “literally listened to the earth and the universe”.

Maurice Zundel, the theologian who “listened until there was only silence”.

Silouane of Athos, the one who “listened to the invisible on Mount Athos”.

John of the Cross, that “great poet” who continues to inspire beyond the Christian religion.

Four men, some of whom are largely unknown today, but all of whom “play an essential role in today’s spirituality” , considers Charlotte Jousseaume. In her book, she offers a very personal interpretation of their spirituality.“I wanted to enter with them into the intimacy of a strong moment in their lives.

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