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Threats of re-confinement are again invading our media. Fortunately for us, Teilhard’s thought is an inexhaustible source of riches in these moments of planetary crisis where we too often have the impression of wandering from trial and error to trial and error… To understand them, let us reread how, in 1932, he presented Life  and the Evolution to the students of the National Peking University : A Consciousness that gradually awakens in the course of infinite trial and error … and he concluded by giving them the following advice: Not only to know, – but to make advance further, in us, the Evolution. [T. III, p. 255]

It is thus with serenity that we resume the thread of our newsletters, with an extract of the letter of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to his cousin Marguerite, which he wrote from Tientsin, on August 7, 1927. It is proposed by Robert Mayet of the Toulon Reading Group : ” It is that, if I have not had time to think, for the last three months, on the other hand, I have experienced a settling down and a clarification of my ideas, the important elements taking their true value. And then I perceive more clearly how my inner life is definitely dominated by these two twin mountains: an unlimited faith in our Lord, animator of the World, and an unconfusable faith in the world (especially human) animated by God…. I feel resolved to declare myself a “believer” in the future of the World in spite of appearances, in spite of a false orthodoxy that confuses progress with materialism, change with liberalism, human perfection with naturalism. ” [Lettres de voyage (1923-1955, Grasset, p.106]

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READ : The Consolation of the Angel by Frédéric LENOIR (Livre de Poche, 2019). An initiatory dialogue between an old lady in the twilight of her life and a young suicidal man, from Jung to Spinoza, through Victor Hugo and Etty Hillesum.


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