” For me, … I will be always with the most hopeful and walking part of Humanity.   “ [Lettres Intimes, Aubier Montaigne, p. 315]

In this context of the beginning of the new year, which is favourable to hope and where discussions on vaccines are often destabilizing, we propose this unique sentence that Pierre Teilhard de Chardin wrote to his friend Henri de Lubac, on August 15, 1936. Without doubt his thought can still, more than eighty years later, help us to situate ourselves in the current debates…

Event forecasts remain rare, but the pandemic, by imposing important restrictions on the face-to-face world, has the positive consequence of allowing an unprecedented expansion of the noosphere. Some events, which used to be strictly reserved to Parisian residents, are now invited everywhere without any mileage limit ! We are thus attaching to this newsletter some interesting leads gleaned from different sources. May they  enrich the partial confinement that we are currently experiencing.  

Be assured of our warmest thoughts.

Chantal Amouroux, for the Board. 


Due to health conditions, we advise you to check with the organizers of the events we are announcing here.


    – PARIS / Saint Roch – Thursday, January 21 – 18:30
Conference by Remo VESCIA on
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Maurice Zundel, Christian mystical poets.

Presentation and practical information

   – ON RCF MAGUELONE-HÉRAULT – A Teilhardcolumn today – every Saturday at 6:15pm live and downloadable as a podcast on the radio site. 
Program until March 27, 2021  – Link to previously broadcast columns 



     – VISIOCONFERENCE CONFERENCE – Saturday, January 16, 2021 – 9:30 / 12:15
Organized by the ASC (Association des Scientifiques Chrétiens) in partnership with the Collège des Bernardins : Artificial intelligence and human responsibility – Algorithms and trust. With David Gruson, Eric Charmetant s.j, Etienne de Rocquigny and Dr Anne-Laure Boch.


Program and registration details

(free of charge)

     – PARIS / Collège des Bernardins – Friday, January 22, 2021 – 19:00 / 20:30
Paths of Renaissance and Voices of HumanityA literary and musical evening in tribute to Emmanuel Mounier (70th anniversary of his death). This event is organized by the AAEM (Association des amis d’Emmanuel Mounier); it will be presented in a literary and musical form  around an imaginary dialogue between Emmanuel Mounier and great contemporary writers and thinkers. Pianist : Elisabeth Sombart. Information and registration

     – VISIOCONFERENCE CONFERENCE – Tuesday, January 26, 2021 – 9:00/18:00
Organized by the Institute of Theology of the ICP: Human and civic responsibility according to Emmanuel MOUNIER –

Free registration required by following this link

     – COLLOQUIUM BY VISIOCONFERENCE and LOCAL PRESENTATION WORKSHOPS – Monday 22 (2pm) to Wednesday 24 February (5pm)
Christian responsibilities in the ecological crisis. What new solidarities? Ecumenical colloquium organized jointly by the Protestant Institute of Theology, the Saint-Serge Institute of Orthodox Theology, the Institut Supérieur d’Etudes Œcuméniques and the Institut Supérieur de Pastorale Catéchétique of the ICP, in partnership with the Green Church Network. Practical information and registration.




A list of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin’s texts published in the journal ETUDES between 1909 and 1955, as well as some references of texts published after his death. Document prepared by Paul Malphettes, member of Neuilly (92). Download the document



THE VALLEY OF THE SAINTS, amazing and grandiose site in Brittany.  Watch the video presentation  (5 min only to discover this superb collective project)

– On the ICP website, the videoconference of Father Gilles DROUIN on the theme : NOTRE DAME DE PARIS : theological issues. Priest of the diocese of Evry, Father Drouin was appointed delegate of the archbishop of Paris for the redevelopment of Notre Dame de Paris following the fire of 2019. He presents the ” catechumenal journey This is the case for the “new” cathedral as well as for the reflections that are being carried out to find a better articulation of the spaces between the nave and the sanctuary (place of the ambo, lighting…) so as to maintain the dual purpose  of Notre-Dame de sanctuary and tourist building. Watch the conference (50 min followed by a debate).  

– The latest Christus magazine : The outbursts of anger 



The Feminine, Future of the World . The proceedings of the day of homage to Marguerite Teillard-Chambon which took place at the Haumont, in October 2019, are now available for purchase on our site or on that of Editions Saint-Léger. You will find the text of the conferences given by Marie Bayon de La Tour, Marie-Josèphe Conchon, Marie-Jeanne Coutagne and Mercè Prats, as well as an unpublished text by Marguerite Teillard-Chambon.
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Collège des Bernardins MOOCs are always accessible for free.

Consult the list of MOOCs



Michel Le Bras, a member of our association, has just published a personal book with Librinova,
Shall we get out of this together ?

Excerpts from the back cover : ” We are witnessing multiple fractures in society. The common sense disappears under the blows of sectorial claims. Individualism prevails. Before changing the world, we must first try to understand it if we want to avoid disillusionment. Where is the place of Being in relation to Having? It is up to each of us to work to continue to live together. Do liberty, equality and fraternity have a common meaning? Then, will we come out of it together? ” Liberal economics, business, political and economic governance, sustainable development, and European and global integration are among the topics addressed in this book. Link to the publisher