pierre_teilhard_de_chardin3.gifREAD: Letter from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to his cousin Marguerite, from Tientsin, September1 , 1926[Lettres de voyage (1923-1955), Maspero, p. 141]

         ” I am dominated by these complex impressions that the Earth is too small and that this narrowness is nevertheless the condition of our human centering and compenetration, then, perhaps, of our escape or “ecstasy”. Nothing but the Earth, says Paul Morand. This is true in multiple senses. It took no less than the whole Earth to make Man, and true Man is the one who gathers or will gather in him the consciousness of the whole human layer. But at the same time that this layer is formed and welded together by the very impossibility where we are to extend always further, we feel that our domain is ridiculously narrow and we feel the incipient anxiety to find an exit. The Earth alone is not enough. In short, I would like to express the psychology (the mixed feelings of pride, hope, disappointment, and expectation) of the man who perceives himself not as French or Chinese but as earthly. The more I go the more I feel determined to live above political and national concerns of any kind and to say openly what I think without worrying about what others say or have said. It seems to me that the time has come when, if men are ever to agree, they will agree on a point which will be established in rupture, contradiction or renovation of a mass of conventions and prejudices which form a dead shell over us. We all need something else right now. You know that for me these provisions are not anti-Christian, on the contrary. I see them as calling for the irreplaceable manifestation of a greater Christ. “




Concert given by Dorota Anderszewska (violin) and Marianne Leclerc (harp), in the church of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, during our colloquium “Rethinking Consciousness in the wake of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin“, on November 29, 2019 – Reading of texts by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin by Hilaire Giron. (58 min). Link to the concert-reading


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