Letter from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to Ida Treat, December 3, 1948

“In our souls, as on the sea, storms are only calmed by a series of dampened waves. Hold fast, in the direction of trust, not exactly to the World, but to the “Heart” of the World, – that is to say, to the Focus of convergence in the direction of which we fall, I am convinced, under an attraction more irresistible and as universal as that imposed on sidereal bodies by the Einsteinian curvature. I live little more than that, myself.”     [Accomplir l’Homme, Grasset, p. 130]



Remo VESCIA proposes to listen to the recording of one of the very first texts of Teilhard
“Note to serve for the evangelization of the new times”.
that he wrote at the end of the war, in 1919, but which is more actual than ever. Remo proposes it to us as follows: “one can already hear in it the cosmic and mystical thought of Teilhard, pioneer of the religious renewal, undoubtedly one of the major theologians for the new evangelization which marks our time”. Download the recording (40 min) (WARNING: it will only be available on the Cloud until December 19, 2020)



The MCR (Mouvement Chrétien des Retraités) proposes a tale borrowed from the sociologist and writer Frédéric LENOIR … A child asks his father the secret of happiness … Click here (2 min) 


 Since 2016, the Collège des Bernardins has released seven MOOC in theology and philosophy. They are currently available  (30 € per course). To register click here .
List of available MOOCs : 
– From the Old to the New Testament by Fr. Jean-Philippe Fabre
– The sacraments by Fr. Matthieu Rougé
– Jesus, the Incomparable by Fr. Guillaume de Menthière
– A Biblical History of the Origins by Fr. David Sendrez
– The door of faith by Sophie Binggeli
– Knowing Jesus Christ with the Ancient Church by Fr. Philippe de Forges
– Who is the Man? by Fr. Matthieu Villemot



The Catholic Institute of Paris proposes “Les Jeudis de l’art”, a cycle of lectures  in art history free and open to all. For this ninth edition, the theme is “Arts and Sciences“.. Registration required, subject to availability. Click here.
Three conferences from November 26 : 
Questioning the imaginary of digital tools in the museum: debate on the injunctions to innovation by Éva Sandri, Montpellier III – Paul Valéry
– Universal Museum of Art, the museum in virtual reality for the general public by Jean Vergès, Director of Universal Museum of Art, Paris
– How to reinvent your business through digital technology by Sybille Bellamy-Brown, national speaker and founder of Araxes

Other ICP proposals : Consult their agenda