Dear friend member,

     As a member of the Association des Amis de Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, you may have wondered what Teilhard would have thought of the difficulties currently facing the Catholic Church. Some of them were already evident in his time, and he had chosen to direct his reflection towards the understanding of these difficulties and above all towards the solutions that could be proposed (see opposite an extract from Le Milieu divin).

    Inspired by the recent series of articles published by LA CROIX on  the theme ” LET’S REPAIR THE CHURCH “The Board of Directors invites you to participate in a seminar whose objective will be the drafting of aa manifesto  published in our magazine NOOSPHERE, but which will be, also and especially, addressed to to different newspapers and other media for a wider and more official diffusion. A project-group is preparing this event and will send to registered members, from December 2019,  preparatory documents to feed their reflection.

      As we must confirm, as soon as possible, our presence and our number of participants at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Montmartre, we need you to register now by sending us this registration form (click here) with your reservation check. 

            Please be assured of our warmest thoughts.

The project group:  Hilaire GIRON, President, Chantal AMOUROUX, General Secretary,  Alain BÈLE, member (Nice), Paul MALPHETTES, member (Neuilly) , Gérard DONNADIEU, Honorary President


* One can reread with profit some lines of the introduction Milieu divin (Seuil, p. 24) where after having noticed that the World discovers itself too big or too beautiful for the man, Teilhard wrote: ” There are Christians (as well as men) who still escape this anguish or fascination. The following pages will not interest them. But there are others who are frightened by the excitement or attraction that the new rising star invincibly produces on them. – Is the evangelical Christ, imagined and loved at the dimensions of a Mediterranean World, capable of covering and centering again our prodigiously enlarged Universe ? Isn’t the World in the process of showing itself more vast, more intimate, more dazzling than Jehova ? Won’t it break up our religion ? Eclipse our God ?

Without perhaps daring to admit this anxiety, many (I know, because I have met them, often, and everywhere…) nevertheless feel it very much awake in the depths of themselves. Those are the ones I write for. “