What is collective consciousness? 
Is it just a view of the mind or is it more than that? And what place does spirituality have in this new collective consciousness?

This third day will shed light on what we call “collective consciousness” and the futures we would like to give birth to. More information on this course in the attached document. 

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Speakers for this third day:

General Secretary of the Association of Friends of Pierre Teilhard de Chardi
n, Chantal will echo the thoughts of this man of faith, visionary and tireless researcher.

Thi Bich DOAN. Scientific philosopher, specialist in martial arts, author of ” Un an entre les mains de l’univers “, she transmits today the keys of understanding resulting from her transforming experience.

Réjane EREAU. Journalist, author, director, UN award winner, regular contributor to INREES, she will talk about the Global Consciousness Project, developed by Princeton professor Roger Nelson.

Miriam GABLIER. Author and journalist, specializing in the study of consciousness and its multiple manifestations, Miriam is an author (The Mysteries of Consciousness, 2019) and journalist for the magazine Inexploré/INREES. It will evoke the mysteries of consciousness.

Edouard GAUDOT. Historian, teacher, engaged in politics at the European level for 10 years, and deeply ecologist, Edouard sheds light on the continuity between here and elsewhere, the daily   and the world.

Jean-Pierre GOUX. A former mathematics researcher, Jean-Pierre has been involved in environmental issues since 1992. Creator of the activist project “Siècle bleu” which reminds us that the Earth is a jewel.

Fully integrated into the vocation of the Forum104, this new course is an invitation to broaden our view, share and experiment. It is designed by Laurence Baranski, author and coach, Stéphanie Honoré, editor and event organizer, and a team from Forum104.