Lucile, dear,

   I am answering your letter of July 15, which I received with the same joy as the others. Don’t ” get upset “, dear, because you feel you are not accomplishing anything. Your main job, for the moment, is to be in contact with the western world, and to make your loved ones happy. The time will come for you to realize and use what you gain during your current rest. The great wisdom (and not the easiest) is to take and receive, (and love) life as it is, and by degrees (*as it is*, and *as you go*). I truly believe that the deepest *contact* between God and us is through the rhythm of time, which we can neither interrupt nor accelerate – the rhythm of the birth of the world.

   Don’t worry either if you still have difficulty understanding what I mean by ” Christ universal “. Just let the interest (*taste*) for the value of the Personal grow in you, and also keep clearly in mind that the Personal (in its eminent sense) is not limited to the ” individuality ” : little by little you will understand what thelove of God means. Your idea of rereading the Gospel in a new spirit is good. But in many passages of the Gospel, you will encounter mainly the Man-Jesus. To discover ” my ” Christ, see especially John, and also (in his best passages, which cannot shock you) Paul : starting with the Epistles to the Ephesians and to the Colossians. In Peking, I will show you these passages (I once filled a whole notebook with them). […]

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin – Lucile Swan – Correspondence, Lessius 2009, p. 87

Extract proposed by Jean-Marie L’HONEN, BATZ-SUR-MER Reading Group