[…] You have no reason to worry about me. Only pray more urgently to NS so that He may make me adhere to His Will during these days, and do what may serve Him. It is good, when you think about it, to be the “pebble rolled” by the Divine Ocean. And then, as you tell me you have “seen” more clearly, everything that is lost, of ourselves, in service, is a solid gain, a part of our being put definitively in safety. – Aren’t they precious and sweet, the lights that, from time to time, make us see and really assimilate some of these fundamental truths, repeated by all the mouths, but so slow to penetrate to the heart? Have you tried, when they come to you, to write them down? Little by little, the physiognomy that NS seeks to give to our soul takes shape. Through the small effort of the writing, the light we have seen becomes clearer, more focused, in a form that we might not be able to give it later it initiates extensions of itself in darker moments, one clings to the words where thoughts of joy and clarity have been expressed. – I have always found it very good to note the steps, however small, of my inner life in this way. […]
Good to you. Pierre                 (Genèse d’une pensée, Grasset, 1961, p. 136-137)


This extract of correspondence was selected in order to introduce the text addressed in this end of May 2020 by Teilhard Monde in three languages (French, English and Spanish) to its teilhardiens correspondents present in the whole world. This is the text of a very beautiful conference given in Chantilly in 1987 and in New York, e, 1988, by the American Jesuit Father Thomas M. King, died in 2009, teacher at Georgetown University in Washington and great specialist of Teilhard.
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