Letter of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to Max Bégouën, from Java where he is in geological excursion with Helmut de Terra, April 5, 1938.
” As I try toe as I am trying to make clear to de Terra, who is gnawing away at the apparent inaction of the Labs, the most urgent work is to preach and develop in oneself a ” third spirit ” […] : to bear what happens, but without giving in to it, protesting, by all one’s conduct, that there is a superior way of being human to everything that is presented to us. It is this new type that each of us must discover, create and express.r, in his office, in his lab : the new type of politician, economist, businessman, researcher.  [] Such a movement seems to me invulnerable, even to a war. ”    
[The Radiance of a Friendship – Correspondence with the Bégouën Family, Lessius, p. 133]

  1. This Sunday, November 22, France 2 offered an excellent program in
    The paths of faith
    . Around Christian de Cacqueray, guests, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian, discussed the theme
    Belief and Knowledge
    . In the last minutes of the program, Jacques Arnould, guest of the second part, quoted Pierre Teilhard, in his conclusion on transhumanism.  Link to the show (150min)


  1. The letter of this Monday, November 23, addressed by the association Up for Humanness concerns a theme dear to Teilhard : the taste of things .

    Link to the letter


  1. Marina COPSIDAS, member and author of several articles in NOOSPHERE, proposes us some appointments on the site ofIchtus voyage. These “confinement” evenings offer a cross-section of a country and its current events, experiences to grow up in this time of confinement, journeys Art and Bible for spiritual nourishment or virtual trips to discover a country (10% of the price of the tickets purchased will be donated to an association). Link to the site.