Letter from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to Ida Treat, from Peking, February 14, 1927

“The day before yesterday at a dinner party, I was next to someone, a quiet desperate woman, who told me that one day she had woken up to the sight that the World was empty. And then, while in the context and under the appearances of a mundane conversation, we were touching on the most dramatic aspect of human relations, – namely the problem of faith in Life treated in vivo, between people who speak to each other with their consciences bare.And in a kind of surge, I swore to myself once again that I would have so much faith in the divine virtue that presses on us through all things, that I would end up setting fire to what surrounds me, – and to start with what is closest to me. Let us not doubt it and let us awaken to this light: the World is full of God. For if it were empty, the World would have died of disgust long ago.”
[Accomplir l’homme Lettres inédites – 1926-1952, Grasset1968, p. 73] – (quote from Robert Mayet -83)



        – Have you ever heard of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?
It is possible on the site of the Werner-Gren-Foundation where Teilhard was hosted for the last years of his life, in New-York. Two audio recordings of English lectures are archived here.
His ” English accent ” is absolutely irresistible!

– Conference of April 8, 1948 – The meaning and tendencies of human socialization (37 mn) – Click here
– Conference of March 14, 1952 – The new advances of Prehistory in South Africa (1 h – Teilhard intervenes after the4th minute) – Click here

We can dare to think, with Pierre Teilhard, that the obstacles encountered by humanity, such as the pandemic we are experiencing, can be a wonderful opportunity for openness 

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 to listen
The Hallelujah by G.F.Handel
as you have never heard it, and especially never seen it!  Absolutely stunning ! (4 min)



    – The conference of Remo VESCIA,
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Maurice Zundel, Christian mystical poets
which was scheduled for Thursday,January 21, at 6:30 p.m., at the Saint-Roch Church in Paris, 
will be done by ZOOM

ZOOM link in this presentation document

     THE COLLOQUIUM organized by the ASC (Association des Scientifiques Chrétiens) in partnership with the Collège des Bernardins, under the patronage of Claire Mathieu, of the Académie des Sciences:
Artificial Intelligence and Human Responsibility – Algorithms and Trust

is maintained, but will take place by videoconference,

on  Saturday, January 16, 2021 – 9:30 am / 12 pm. Lhe speakers will be David Gruson, Director of the Health Program of the Jouve Company, teacher at Sciences Po Paris, founder of Ethik-IA, Fr. Anne-Laure Boch, neurosurgeon, CHU Pitié-Salpétriere, Paris, Etienne de Rocquigny, president of OpérationData, founder of Espérance & Algorithmes – Link ZOOM to participate to this conference :

      The literary and musical evening in homage to Emmanuel Mounier (70th anniversary of his death) which was organized at Collège des Bernardins, on Friday January 22, 2021 is

cancelled and postponed to a later date

     – The COLLOQUIUM BY VISIOCONFERENCE on Tuesday, January 26, 2021(9:00/18:00) organized by the Institute of Theology of the ICP:
Human and civic responsibility according to Emmanuel MOUNIER

is maintained without modification

Free registration required by following this link