Dear friends,

2020 was an often confusing year… The words of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin are therefore all the more precious to wish you a bright and serene new year 2021: The wishes of the Board of Directors  and Greetings from Jean-Marie Pellecuer, member of the Nîmes Reading Group.  We  join the Christmas wishes of
Teilhard World
as well as those sent by Father Thierry Magnin, 
President-Rector delegated to Humanities and Student Life of the Catholic University of Lille
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It remains to accompany them with some gifts … 

  • A GLASS:
    Teilhard de Chardin (spelled Theillard!) represented on a stained glass window of Notre-Dame de Liesse (Aisne) with Saint Ignatius of Loyola and Cardinal Henri de Lubac. He is presented as a Jesuit educator of youth and is shown carrying in his hands a prehistoric skull, symbol of the passing of time and evolution.  – Click here (then look for the stained glass window 1 on the south side,  the one dedicated to the Jesuits).

  • A CONCERT : Proposed by Remo Vescia, the Christmas concert held, without an audience, on December 25 at Notre-Dame de Paris


     Link to YouTube (34 min).

  • A COLLOQUIUM: Proposed by the Jesuit Faculties of Paris at the Centre Sèvres, a three-day symposium on the theme Do animals have a place in the Church , the
    January 23, May 29 and November 27, 2021
    . Information and registration for the first day (25€ – If the health situation does not allow us to meet at the Centre Sèvres, the colloquium will be maintained in remote mode for all those registered).

Once again, a great year in 2021!

Very cordially.