Letter from Pierre Teilhard de Chardin to Max Bégouën – 8 August 1936 :
”  The truth is that we don’t have to worry about our results, but only about the loyalty and tension of our desire and effort. However personal we may be, our action can only be measured in terms of its contribution to a universal effect that goes beyond us. The drop of water does not know exactly what it brings to the river : it must be enough for it to move in the direction of the river. I have long ago given up asking myself what my individual life is worth, and I am content to think that I belong to Life and I found great peace and freedom there. ”        [The radiance of a friendship – Correspondence with the Begouën family (1922-1955), Lessius, 2011, p. 97)


To help you think about this, here are some links to activities on the Internet :
             – Tuesday, November 17 – 6:30 p.m. : A conference by ZOOM, open to all, proposed by the Teilhard de Chardin Center of Saclay, on the theme of integral ecology. Speaker : Bernard LAPONCHE, polytechnician, nuclear physicist, energy specialist. He directed the AFME which preceded the ADEME  –
Presentation and link ZOOM – 

And we remind you of the announcement made in our previous newsletter concerning the videoconference of Father Dominique DEGOUL presenting 
the objectives of the Centre de Saclay
  on Friday, November 13 – 17hLink ZOOM : https://hec-fr.zoom.us/j/95161854874

            – The last chronicle of Teilhard today, published on RCF Hérault Maguelone, is devoted to the accompaniment at the end of life. Speaker : Claire FOURCADE.
Direct link to the interview

              – The association UP FOR HUMANNESS which was our partner during our 2019 conference on consciousness, publishes every Monday a remarkable newsletter focused on a theme and directing our reflection towards multiple sources : literature, philosophy, art, religions… Monday’s newsletter was dedicated to
uncertainty, a theme so present in our societies in this period of confinement.
Link to the Newsletter on uncertainty

            – The MOOCs put online by Chemin neuf are accessible to all and free. You will find among other proposals, that of Gérard DONNADIEU on
the thought of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
.  Link for registration


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