Alain BOCCARD, member of our association is also a photographer. He is inspired by the reading of Teilhard …  Discover his site


Annie, his wife, accompanies his photographs with these words:

When the eyes speak 

The world that contains us is magnificently rich. Our damaged, weak and rebellious senses are not reliable tools to walk consciously and open to the constant novelties of life.

The art of complexity is not always known to human beings because it is a difficult art that combines the acceptance of the cosmic world, the understanding of everything and everyone in that world and finally the generous exchanges that give form and atmosphere to our human lives.

When a photographer makes all these data available to our eyes, his camera becomes a fantastic tool allowing us to access in the same space-time the three dimensions that constitute us : Freedom, Truth and Beauty.

This quiet contemplation makes us integrated and integrative forms of the material reality of our fleshly body, our wandering mind and our human spirit.

The images before our eyes speak to us of accomplishments : intimate alliance of Tradition, of the sensoriality that animates us and of the amazed plasticity of our spirit.

Look well at these clear forms : they speak of the soul in secret as the poets say ; they are a complete language and harmonize body, thought and spirit-vibration…